Josh Hosts a Party

Josh Ring

  1.   My hall mates in my dorm decided that that they wanted to have a party. Everyone was supposed to invite all of their friends and they could go into any of the rooms on the hallway and be social. I said that would be fine. I wanted to have a dance party in my room. I have plenty of space in my room for dancing. My friends and I all like dancing, too. It would be fun. I started working on a dance mix by downloading songs onto my computer and then copying them on to a CD. It took a long time to pick out each specific song that I would use. I wanted to make an eclectic mix of music that people would have fun dancing to. There was not enough space on the CD to put all the songs on that I wanted.

2.   The night of the party I cleaned my room. I put my laundry in my closet so that people would not trip over it. I also wanted to make enough room for people. I told people to come at 10 o'clock. At 9:30, I turned off most of the lights in my room so that it would look more like a disco. I sat at my computer and waited for people to show up. I wanted to play a computer game, but I was afraid that people would walk in and see me playing. I was not having a computer party; that didn't seem cool. I put on some music, but I did not put on my mix. I did not want to waste the songs. There was only 76 minutes of music on the CD. I wanted people to dance to all of it. I wondered whether I should put on the music when someone showed up or whether I should put it on at 10 sharp to try to draw people in. It was 10. I waited to put on the mix.

3.   No one was in my room. My friends were late. People started to show up in the other rooms. I walked outside of my room to see where people were. I peeked into one of the rooms. The people inside were either people I didn't know or people that I didn't really like. I walked to the water fountain and pretended to drink some water. The water hit my lips but I did not drink any of it. There were people down the hallway. I went back into my room to wait for my friends.

4.   I sat back down in front of my computer. I checked my email. There was no new mail for me. At 10:20, I decided to put on my mix CD. I decided to start the party even if people weren't there yet. I went into the hall way to check if any of my friends were in someone else's room. In one, I found two of my friends. I asked if they wanted to dance. They said sure. We went back to my room and danced in a circle for a couple of songs. Only one new person joined us after we had begun. We were smiling while we danced.

5.   I went out of my room again to look for more people. When I got back, the two people that had been dancing with me were still there. They were making out to a David Bowie song. I left my room before they saw me.

6.   I stood in the hallway talking to some people. I kept looking around to see who would come back into my room to dance. When I saw the two people that had been making out come out of my room, I tried to get some of my friends to dance with me. They did not want to dance. I danced with one other of my friends, a girl from history class, while the rest of my friends were in the hallway talking. We stood on opposite sides of the room as we danced. I could not see her face. It was dark.

7.   Eventually I went out and grabbed people to dance with us. They came into my room and started dancing. It was fun. I began to sweat from the exercise. Soon, my CD ended. I decided to just start it over again instead of putting in a new CD. I didn't mind listening to the songs again. More friends began to come into my room to dance. It was more fun to dance the second time through the CD. I had to open the window because it was so hot in my room.

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