Josh goes to the zoo
Josh Ring

1. I went to the Bronx Zoo with a friend. We took the 2 train there. The zoo was three blocks from the train. On the way, we saw a kid with one of the balloons you get in the zoo. My friend called it a punchy balloon because it is meant to be tied to a wrist, and, when punched, it makes noise. There is some sand or something inside to make the noise. My friend did not like me calling it a "zoo balloon". She said that they are not only sold in zoos. She had seen them in Central Park. I told her she probably saw them in the Central Park Zoo, because they are zoo balloons. She did not agree. She said she had never seen them in a zoo before. Later that day, while talking about something else, she admitted she had a bad memory. I agreed.

2. We saw a lot of animals. We watched the okapis for a while. We had a good view. Two children were watching the okapis, too, a boy and a girl. The girl was about seven. The boy was about five. He was wearing a blue and white striped shirt. The girl was almost a foot taller than he was. They were both very excited by the okapis. The boy said that the okapi is part horse, part giraffe, and part zebra. The girl disagreed. She was convinced an okapi is half anteater and half mule. The little boy was not convinced. The girl tugged on her father's arm and asked who was right. I did not hear his answer.

3. My friend and I decided to take the Skyfari. The Skyfari is a cable car ride over the length of the zoo. We had to wait on line. The line was 30 minutes long. Behind us on line was a family of four. There was a kid about 14 years old. He was wearing a wrestling t-shirt. He was fat. He told his mother that he wanted a drink. His mother told him he had already had four refills of a cup, which she showed him as to remind him of how much he drank. It was a large cup with a plastic tiger covering. It must have held 16 fluid ounces. The boy whined and said that he still wanted more. He was still thirsty. His mother gave him a look, and he stopped whining. For the rest of the line, he made weird noises repeatedly. They sounded like high-pitched pops. It annoyed me. When my friend and I finally got into our cable car, I sighed with relief.

4. When we left the zoo, my friend bought ices. I bought an ice cream cone. She said she had a good time. I agreed. We walked back to the train.

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