Josh Gets his Check-Up

Josh Ring
1. I went to get my annual check up from my doctor after school. When I got to the office, I rang the doorbell. The door buzzed and I walked in. I said hello to the receptionist and sat down in the waiting room after taking off my jacket. I looked around the room for something to read, but the only books around were Dr. Seuss or Looney Tunes books. I had read them all before. For some reason, I still go to a pediatrician.

2. Soon, my mom came into the office. She sat down next to me and asked how my day was and if I'd been waiting long. I said I hadn't been. I had only been there five minutes. The receptionist called my name and I walked towards her. She was holding a small plastic cup in her hand. I knew what she wanted. She began to ask me to "fill it up," but I said "sure" and took the cup before she finished. I didn't want everyone to hear her ask me to pee in a cup. I also didn't want to seem embarrassed. It's normal to have to do that.

3. I walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. The room was bright. There was a full-wall mirror facing me. I did not make eye contact with myself. I unscrewed the cap of the cup and placed it on the sink. I stood in front of the toilet, but I did not have to pee at all. I decided I shouldn't have gone to the bathroom before I left school. It was poor planning on my part. I turned on the sink faucet because I thought the sound of running water would help the process. I turned it on to just be a drizzle. I didn't want anyone outside to hear it running. I didn't want them to think I was done and was just wasting time. The running water didn't work. I still did not have to pee. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked sad. My hair was messy. I was sad.

4. After a couple more minutes of standing around in the bathroom, I quickly closed the cup and turned off the sink. I walked out of the bathroom and handed the cup back to the woman. I gave her a fake smile and said to ask me again later. She didn't seem to mind. She told me to go into Exam Room 2, get undressed, and wait for her to come weigh and measure me. I said, "ok."

5. I went into the room and got undressed. My mom knocked on the door and asked if she could come in. I said she could. When the woman came in, she asked me to stand on the scale so she could weigh me. Then I had to stand backwards on the scale so she could measure me. I tried to stand up as straight as possible. I puffed out my chest. When she wrote down the measurement, she said that I was two centimeters smaller than last year. My mom made me stand on the scale again. I tried to stand up even straighter. This time, the scale said I was the same height as last time. My mom was fine with that. The woman left.

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