Josh Gets Contact Lenses

Josh Ring

1. I went to the eye doctor to get contact lenses. I didn't want to have to wear glasses. I think I look better without glasses. The eye doctor is my parents' eye doctor and starting that day, he was mine, too. The waiting room was full of people. There are four other doctors working in the office. I had to wait a long time.

2. When I was called into the examination room, I took my vest with me. I had worn it to the doctor, but it was warm in the office. My mom had told me to take it off while we were waiting. I did. The doctor introduced himself and shook my hand. He said hello to my mother. He already knew her. I put my vest on a chair against the wall and sat down in the exam chair. It was metal with black leather seating. When I sat down, it rattled a little bit. It was not even against the floor.

3. The doctor examined my eyes and put eye drops in them. The drops made my eyes numb. It made my eyelids feel funny and it gave me a little headache. He put in some contacts for me to try and I waited in the waiting room again. After another exam and a little readjustment of the lenses, he said I could take those lenses home with me to try for a week.

4. The receptionist took me to a back office so she could teach me how to take out and put in the lenses. She over exaggerated each movement so I could see what she was doing. I laughed a little at that. She looked at me and I was smiling. She told me to stop, because I would make her laugh. I said sorry, and laughed. She laughed too. Then I listened more carefully. I had to hold my eyelids open in a certain way, but my hand kept slipping and my eye would close. I also had to look straight ahead and not move my eyeball while putting in or taking out the lens. Finally, I took out, put back the lenses, and left the office. I had another appointment in 4 days to see how the lenses were working.

5. Walking down the street, I felt different. I thought I looked different, but I probably didn't. When I looked in the mirror, I thought that is just how I always looked. I wasn't disappointed with that, but I could see my pimples more clearly.

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June 2003

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