Josh Tells a Bedtime Story

Josh Ring

1. I work in Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. It's a Jewish summer camp. I work as a lifeguard at the lake there. I was a camper there for eight years.

2. Every Friday night all the counselors ask different people to come to there bunk to tell a story to their campers. It's supposed to calm down the kids so that they could fall asleep easier. My friend asked me to come to her bunk. She is a counselor for 14-year-old girls. I said I would, but I didn't know what to tell. I decided to tell the girls a story about how I had kissed their counselor when I was 13. I wanted to make it sound like I was really awkward and innocent, and I didn't want to tell them that the girl was their counselor until the very end. I thought that would make the story funnier and cute. I didn't have to make much up to do that either. I made sure it was okay with the counselor to tell the story. She said it was fine and that she wanted to stay in the bunk to hear it. I smiled at her. She said to come at 10 o'clock so her girls would be ready. I smiled again.

3. When I walked into the bunk, all of the girls were excited to see me I think. They recognized me from the swim staff. I sat down in one of their folding chairs and pretended like I didn't know what I was going to tell. I asked if they had any questions or any stories they wanted to hear about. I thought they would say they wanted to hear a hook up story. Everyone told me to expect questions like that. They didn't ask for that though. They just wanted a story about when I was their age. So, I volunteered to tell them a hook up story. They said that was fine with them.

4. I told them that when I was 13, on the last night of camp, I knew that this girl wanted to kiss me. It had been building up for a couple days before that, so I knew. I told them that I was young and awkward then so I didn't really know what I was doing. I didn't know how to approach her on that night. I had met up with her on the main road. The friend I had been walking with and the friend she had been walking with left us together. We were alone. We started walking. I went on about how we walked around the whole camp: past the boys bunks, the girls bunks, the art building, the dining room. We were just talking. I couldn't remember what we were talking about, probably nothing. When we got back to the girls bunks she turned to me and asked if this was going to work out. I paused the story and glanced at the counselor. She was smiling on her bed. I told the bunk that my next words were really suave in 13-year-old mind. I said, "let's find out" and I kissed her. The bunk laughed at this. So did I. I told them that the kiss wasn't very long and wasn't very comfortable. We were standing next to some bushes. They were poking us in the back. After we kissed, we walked around camp again, on the same route. When we got to the same spot, we kissed again. Suddenly, a light was flashed on us and some counselors told us to stop. They were driving around all night making sure kids weren't making out. I walked one way. She walked the other. I thought that this way we couldn't get in trouble as easily.


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Josh Tells a Bedtime Story
Josh Ring

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