Josh Gets His Book

Josh Ring

It was a Sunday. I was sitting down to study for a big test the next day on chapters four through six in History. I had just eaten breakfast. I had cooked some eggs and toast.

I grabbed my backpack from the next to the door. It had been there since Friday. I looked inside the bag to get out my textbook so I could re-read the chapters, but it wasn't there. I had left it school. I debated whether I really needed my book to study or not. I did. I had to go get it from school.

I remembered once before when I needed to get a book from school on a Sunday (or at least I thought it was a Sunday), they wouldn't let me in the building. They had said the building was closed on the weekends. I remember being sad and walking home with my hands in my pockets.

If I couldn't get this history book, I thought, I would fail. I had to make them let me in this time.

While I was getting dressed, I tried to think of what I should wear to look like I should be allowed in. I would have to look casual, but respectable and not too suspicious so that they would trust me. I wore jeans and a collared tennis shirt. The shirt was orange. I looked in the mirror before I left.

I walked to school quickly because I had to get back home to study. On the way, I was trying to think of what to say when I got there. I knew there was no password to get in, but I was trying to think of the right things to say.

When I got to my school building, I did not go inside. There were men working on the front doors. They were putting in new doors. (On Monday, I heard they were made with bulletproof glass.) They were on their knees. They were wearing kneepads.

I was looking through the doors to see if there was anyone inside who could tell me how to get in. A security guard saw me staring. He waved me in through the door on the left, and asked if he could help me. I tried to explain to him that I needed to get a book from my locker and that it was really important. I told him about my test.

I did not look him in the eyes. I was looking around the lobby, trying to see if anyone I knew was there to let me through. There wasn't.

The guard shook his head but said I could get my book. He added that that the school isn't open on Sundays. He warned me not to do it again. He wouldn't let me go until he finished talking to me. I just wanted to get my book and leave, so after anything he said, I would respond "ok," "I know," or "I'm sorry." I was trying to be polite. He was doing me a favor. As he let me pass, he told me that he didn't want to "bust my chops," but that I had to know. I said, "I'm sorry."

I ran up the stairwell to the third floor where my locker is. The lights in the hall way were off. It was dark. I was never in school when the lights were out like that. As I turned a corner, I saw a glowing blue light. It was from the soda machine sponsored by PowerAde. I never liked the glow from that machine. It always hurt my eyes.

I opened my locker and took my book. I ran downstairs again. When I walked through the lobby, I thanked the guard three times. He did not smile. I waited at the door for the workman to move out of the way so that I wouldn't step on him. When he moved a little bit, I left the school.

I went home to study. I did not fail my test.

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