Josh Ring

1. I wanted to see Shakespeare in Central Park. It's free, but I had to wait on line for the tickets in the morning. They are given out first come, first served. I had to be one of the first come. I met a friend in the park. We waited on line together. We got there at eight. The tickets are given out at 1 o'clock. We sat on the grass next to a pathway. It was not very comfortable.

2. My friend asked me to get a blanket to lie down on from my house. It is not a long walk to my house. She knew that. I said I would go get it. We had been there for 20 minutes.

3. On the walk back to my house, I saw a lot of dogs. It seemed everyone was walking a dog. Dog walkers were walking whole groups of dogs. They held onto the leashes tightly.

4. As I was leaving the park, a woman with a dog called across the street to a man with a dog. She was saying hello, and asking about his dog. His dog was big, black, and lean. They knew each other. Their dogs recognized each other, too. The woman's dog ran across the street to approach the black dog. The woman's dog ran with an awkward gallop. He was not on a leash. He was gray and shaggy and very big and needed a haircut. He stood in front of the man's dog in the street. His back legs came up in front of his front paws. He barked. A ConEd van was coming down the street. The woman yelled at her dog. The van stopped right in front of the dog. The woman yelled at her dog again. The dog was confused. He walked in a small circle before crossing back across of the street. I did not hear the reprimand.

5. I got a picnic blanket from my house. It is sea green.

6. On my way back to the line, I passed a group of dogs in a small fenced-off lawn. The dogs were allowed to walk around and play with the other dogs. They were not being supervised. One mid sized dog was trying to mount another dog. The bottom dog tried to walk away. The top dog tried again. I don't know if he was neutered.

7. A man on the path was walking in the opposite direction of me around the Great Lawn. He was calling for his dog. "Molly!" He called her with the same whistle in the opening to Lassie.

8. I laid out the blanket for my friend and me.

9. Other people on line were waiting with dogs. One man had a very small energetic puppy. Anyone who walked by him would ask if he could pet the dog. The man always said "yes". By the end, he did not say "yes" so enthusiastically. Every half hour, the man would take his dog out of the line. He walked a couple yards away and smoked a cigarette. The dog chased after nuts on the ground. He fell over them and did a somersault.

10. At 1 o'clock, they started to give out the tickets. That night, we saw the play.

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