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Zeek: Fall/Winter 2005
Cost: $7

David Ehrlich, Everything’s Fine
Jill Hammer, The Place of Ashes
Kitra Cahana, The Last Days of Gaza
Rebecca Mostov, Dear God
Leah Koenig, The So-Called Jewish Cultural Revolution
Hayyim Obadyah, Masoretic Orgasm
Jay Michaelson, The Use of Mysticism
Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, K’ga Vna: Just as They...
Dan Friedman, The Fundamentalist in the Mirror
Anat Liwtin, No Place Like...
Nicole Tayler, What She Loved Most
Marissa Pareles, A Floating Red
Rabbi Jacob Staub, Winter Light Promises

Zeek: Spring/Summer 2005
Cost: $7

Richard Chess, Monotheist's Lament
Jennifer Blowdryer & Alvin Orloff, Hipster Antisemitism
Jill Hammer, The Two Mothers
Aaron Hamburger, Whatever it Takes
Rachel Barenblat, Asher Yatzar
Jay Michaelson, Religion, Spirituality, Contemplation, Love
Abraham Mezrich, Jacob Said to the Angel
Abi Cohen, James Lee Byars & the Number Ten
Michael Blumenthal, Not Pure Black and White
Hal Sirowitz, Here's Looking at You
Samantha Stiers, Mengele & the Giant Hairball
Dan Friedman, Straight Eye for the Consumer Guy
Hila Ratzabi, A Demonstration in Words

Zeek: Fall/Winter 2004

Hal Sirowitz, Being on Good Terms
Jill Hammer, An Altar of Earth: Jews, Goddesses and the Zohar
Hila Ratzabi, Playing Eve
Rowena Silver, Hyatt Regency Dead Sea Resort
Jay Michaelson, Two Essays on Jesus Christ
Avi Levy, Then
Jeff Leavell, Becoming Jewish-ish
Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Invocation Before the Sacred Union
Chanel Dubofsky, No Matter What, I Wish You Luck
Joshua Axelrad, Sex and the Golem
Abraham Mezrich, Pomegranates: A Parable
Michael Shurkin, Is France Antisemitic?
Ira Stone, The Stable
Nigel Savage, Very Short Story

Zeek: Spring/Summer 2004
Contents: Temima Fruchter, Erev - Abraham Joshua Heschel (Jonathan Boyarin trans.), God Likes New Things - Siona Benjamin - Khamoshi - Prof. James Russell, Harvard Death Fugue - Raphael Cohen, re:vision - Abraham Mezrich, Island-Swimming - Michael Shurkin, Davening with Joe - Hal Sirowitz - Why there are no more miracles - Josh Ring - Josh Almost Gets Cancer - Jay Michaelson - I Hear America Bling-Blinging - Bara Sapir - Torah Cover - Sarah Lefton, A Song of Ascents - Chanel Dubofsky, Wisconsin - Margaret Mackenzie Schwartz, The Wrong Half - Joel Shurkin, Ten Commandments - Rabbi Niles Goldstein, Surrender - Dan Friedman, The Mall-Balloon Man Moment of the Spirit

Zeek: Fall/Winter 2003
Contents: Marissa Pareles   Shtupping in the Shadow of the Bomb - David Goldstein  Stones of Jerusalem - Jay Michaelson  What the World Is - Sara Seinberg  yom kippur - Dave Hyde  Europe’s Red-Green Alliance - Matthue Roth  Trembling Before You - Douglas Rushkoff  The Sacred and the Profane - Hal Sirowitz  Not Mentioned - Dan Friedman  Genuine Authentic Gangsta Flava - Temima Fruchter  Primal Scream Judaism - David Stromberg  Saddies - Michael Shurkin  Is Zionism Colonialism? - Samuel Hayim Brody  With a Bible and a Gun - Zalman Schachter-Shalomi  Carrying Light into Dark Times - Abraham Mezrich  Angel-Man

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Zeek: Spring 2003
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January 2006

A Parable after my hard drive crashed
Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Christmas in Jerusalem
Jay Michaelson

Elisha Porat

Dear Mr. Pinter
Dan Friedman

The Nuclear Physicist Gives his Son a Haircut
Hanan Harchol

Brodsky Begins, Part Two
Adam Mansbach

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