God Had A Controlling Interest

Hal Sirowitz

I hated my parents' lawnmower.
I wanted them to get one with a motor.
They said those were dangerous.
They could cause me to lose a finger.
I said I had ten of them. I could
lose one and still have a good life.
They said I was usurping God's role.
Only He was permitted to decide
whether I could lose a finger or not.
I had always thought that my body
belonged to me. Now I was told that God had
a controlling interest in it. He
was like an absentee landlord.
He owned it but was never there
to listen to my complaints - like why
couldn't I jump as high as the other boys?
Why did it feel as though my feet were stuck to the

Hal Sirowitz is poet laureate of Queens. His most recent book is Before, During, and After (Soft Skull, 2003). New unpublished work will also appear in the Spring/Summer 2004 issue of Zeek, on sale next month.

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