Josh Ring
Josh Gets Contact Lenses, p. 2

6. Two days later, I was taking out my lenses in my bathroom. I was going to bed. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my eyes. I could see the lines around my iris that marked the edge of the lens. I tried to take out my right lens first, but it took a while for it to come out. I kept trying to take it out, but it would not come off onto my finger. Finally, it came out and I put it into a case with solution. I looked at myself in the mirror again. I couldn't see well because I still had one lens in. I blinked one eye and I could see perfectly. Then I blinked the other and I was a little fuzzier in the mirror. I stood there and did that for a while longer.

7. Soon I was ready to take out my other lens. It was just as difficult to take out, but when I got it, it fell off my finger. I could not see it anywhere. I checked my hands, my shirt, and the floor but I didn't see it. I went into my bedroom to get my glasses and came back into the bathroom. I looked all around. Eventually, I saw it. It was halfway in the sink drain. I carefully took it out and was thankful that it did not go down the drain. I turned on the faucet so that I could rinse it off quickly. The water swept the lens out of my hand and I watched it go down the drain.

8. I didn't respond fast enough to catch it. I lost it. I slammed my hand against the sink in anger. It hurt. My hand went numb. I couldn't fall asleep so easily that night. I was mad at myself. My head hurt.

9. The next day, I called my eye doctor to tell them what happened. The receptionist laughed. I laughed along with her to sound like I thought it was funny too, but I was embarrassed. She said it would be okay and that I would get a new lens when I came in for my appointment. When I went in to their office the next day, they gave me another lens.

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