When I Met Humility I saw Letters
Abraham Mezrich

I thought I want to know what he thinks and it was as if he read my mind, he motioned to me and he told me to sit in his chair.

Then I became small like he was small and I could see many things. And also I became gorgeous, I wore a long cloak, I had beautiful hair and skin beneath my coat and my hat, I could see that the world was very large. And I could see in fabulous detail.

He said to me, "Look into my Talmud," and I had never been so small before. That is why this was the first time that I could see letters.

Before I had read many things but never before had I seen letters; I did not know that they looked like notions and also like shapes; I did not know they made sounds. So in a way this was my introduction to reading.

Now I was small and the letters appeared like giant vistas, like landscapes, so large and beautiful and nuanced and full of light and thick.

Sometimes I want to tell you this but at those times I am small and you cannot see me. You shout out, "Abraham, Abraham, you are so small that I cannot see where you are." (You are very sad at these times.)

I shout back to you, "Abraham," (we have the same name), "you are so big, you cannot find things well, come join me here and see many great things!"

Abraham Mezrich is the author of Child of a Voice,
a series of poetic meditations on Jewish religious themes.

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