Josh Ring
Josh Gets his Check Up, p. 2

6. Soon, the doctor came in. We talked for a while. He examined me. He looked at his records and said that I needed two shots. I don't mind shots so much. They only hurt a little bit. The doctor said, however, that he was out of stock on the Meningitis injection. I would have to come back for that in a couple months. So he only gave me one shot. It was a Tetanus booster. The doctor took out his syringe and vial of vaccine. He rubbed the vial with an alcohol swab and stuck the syringe into the top. He filled it up with just a little liquid. He cleaned my arm with the same alcohol pad. He said that my arm might be sore for a couple of days, and stuck the syringe into my shoulder. It felt like he was blowing air into my arm. My arm was sore as soon as he took the needle out. He said I could get dressed and then he left the room.

7. When I walked out of the exam room I held my arm as if it were in a sling. I tried not to move it. I realized that it didn't hurt to bend or unbend it, but I held it like that anyway. I walked over to the receptionist again and she gave me back my cup. She reminded me that she only needed a little. I walked back into the bathroom. Again I stood in front of the toilet. I looked just as sad in the mirror, although now there was a hint of frustration. I wanted to go home. I knew I was not going to be able to pee, but I stood in the bathroom so that the receptionist at least would think I made an effort. I walked out of the bathroom with the same fake smile again. I asked the woman how important it was that I give a urine sample. She said it was sort of important, so I promised I'd do it when I came back for my Meningitis shot. She said that would be fine.

8. I left the office holding my arm. It still hurt. I looked at the pavement of the street. I was upset that I could not give a sample. My mom hailed a taxi for us and we went home.

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