Jay Michaelson
What the World Is, and what to do about It, p. 4

4.    What to do about it

It is a very simple matter to know intellectually that all of spacetime is one field of matter/energy; that the individual self does not have any existence independent from the One; and that all creatures, matter, and energy are but fleeting manifestations of Being, organized according to Being's "transcendent wisdom." However, to truly know it -- that is, to experience this truth (to "Be Here Now") -- is to know one's real nature, to end the selfish desires which cause one's own and other's suffering, and to experience a peaceful yet indescribably, achingly beautiful sense of spaciousness in the One that Is, here, now, everywhere, and always. The factors which hold each individual back from this path vary from individual to individual, according to the values and fears residing in each mind. Yet the end of the path is the same: an end to desire and suffering, an experience of unbounded love and peace, the merging with the One.

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Jay Michaelson is currently teaching two classes on Jewish meditation, called "Nothing" and "Sitting with God," at the Ivry Prozdor.

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